The Law office of JUDr. Petra Banakova provides legal services not only in Slovak law but also can advise in Austrian as well as in German law throughout its network of associated lawyers in Austria and in Germany.
Especially for those who are seeking legal representation and legal help in Slovak law or international law, or in matters which involve more than one country (or persons from different countries), our law office can assure you highly competent legal services.
JUDr. Petra Banakova is fluent in English and German in addition to Slovak and has a network of associated lawyers abroad, which allows her to offer comprehensive legal services not only in Slovak but also in international law.
Law office specializes in particular on Slovak and international labor and corporate law (advising in labor law matters, representing in labor law cases, incorporation of companies, liquidation and dissolution of companies, drafting and reviewing of contracts, etc.), family law (divorces, child support, maintenance – support for family members, visitation rights) administrative law, traffic violation law and civil law (real estate law). 


For the best legal advice in Austrian and German law our office cooperates with an expert in Austrian law who is responsible for advising to Austrian clients on austrian legal matters. David Roth, attorney advises in german law related matters. Read more

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